Speciality Coffee in Selfridges

Selfridges on Oxford Street have entered the world of specialty coffee as part of their summer "Meet the Makers" campaign; showcasing artisan producers of food and drink. For coffee- they've partnered with Cornish-based roasters Origin Coffee to take over one of their shop windows and man an Espresso Bar in their bustling food hall.

Sandows have made an appearance as well, offering Cold Brew on top on certain days (although their cold brew is readily available to buy bottled). Origin Coffee beans are available to buy in their shop since 2014 (and Union for a while), but a newer addition is Square Mile.

Origin's Espresso Bar

300 Coffee Shops! Wood St Coffee, 56 St James and School House Cafe

One happy and caffeinated coffee shop explorer.
Today I finally passed the milestone of visiting 300 independent coffee shops in London. I decided to make number 300 the newly relocated Wood St Coffee because its been ages since I told them I'd come round to making a visit to their old spot in Walthamstow. 

They haven't moved too far, with their grand reopening today at Blackhorse Workshop, a public space that provides access to fully equiped wood and metal workshops for DIY work. Serving Climpsons and Sons coffee, the coffee shop almost acts as an entrance- much like the new Craving Coffee that has a similar space but with artist's studios. 

A short walk away was the mysterious 56 St James. Open only four days a week, they serve Nude Espresso in their interior decorated with, among other things, pineapples and collections of National Geographic. 

Going back to my flat at Bermondsey, a small sign advertising avocado and eggs pointed me in the direction of a coffee shop only a block away. It's the School House Cafe serving Climpsons and Sons. It's a social enterprise that provides training and work experience for those with autism. 
National Geographic decorating 56 St James 
E17 Wood St Coffee (2 Sutherland Rd)
 E17 56 St James (56 St James's St, Walthamstow)
 SE1 School House Cafe (Spa School, Monnow Road)

Southwest London, Beany Green and More.

Exciting times as the number of coffee shops visited reaches 299. Over the weekend I'll hit the big milestone of 300 independent coffee shops in London. By my count, there are only a handful of shops left to go before I've finally finished my challenge of visiting every coffee spot in London.

Recently, I visited the Beany Green stall in Moorgate. Interestingly, it uses Monmouth Coffee instead of its usual blend from the Roasting Party. Apparently, a big office nearby moved and they used to have Monmouth Coffee as their local. The office loved it so much that Beany Green went with Monmouth instead just for them.

South-West London continues to be one of London's growing coffee hotspots. I finally visited Knot Pretzel's stall hidden within the enormous Clapham Junction. They're serving fresh pretzels with their coffee blend roasted in London. It's a nice formula and they're expanding quite a bit with new locations in Kingston and Victoria. 

Wandsworth has two new coffee shops. First, CWTCH, a kiosk right outside the station serves Southampton Mozzo coffee alongside bugers/baps fresh from the grill. Second, Brew have one of their new spots with the same formula of coffee alongisde gourmet food and drink. Also expanding rapidly, they have a new spot in Wimbledon and another in Richmond opening soon. 

Further out- Battersea is being well-served by the new La Moka Cafe. A cozy little community coffee shop serving Allpress in an area devoid of good coffee. Run by a really nice couple, you can tell there's a lot of passion behind it.  

Back to Clapham, Fields is opening its new cafe sometime in September. I walked by it and it looks absolutely incredible. It is literally in the middle of Clapham Common. From the owners of m1lk in Balham, you can easily see this becoming one of the trendiest spots in South London. Over in Angel, Saint Espresso is opening its doors soon. Angel is another area that lacks good coffee given its size and Saint will be making some waves for sure.
Fields, Clapham Common
EC1 Beany Green (33 Chiswell St, London)
 SW11 Knot Pretzels (Clapham Junction)
SW18 Cwtch (Pitch 157, Old York Rd)
SW18 Brew (342 Old York Rd, London)
SW11 La Moka Cafe (141 Battersea High St) 

Scawfell Street, Coffee Hatch and New Openings

Yesterday, I visited Scawfell Street a studio in Hackney/Hoxton where the entrance is a coffee shop. Just off Hackney Road, they serve Hasbean and use the space as a Gallery. Just down the road, on Colombia Road was a random hatch with a bell serving Monmouth Coffee. It is literally the guy's hallway as he lives upstairs.

There's a couple of new openings. Brown Bear Coffee and Home open this Monday in Angel on 43 Cross Street. Serving Coleman's Coffee, it adds to Angel's handful of coffee shops.

Wood Street Coffee are relocating to the Blackhorse Worshop this Saturday. It looks like an amazing space from the pictures they've posted.

Lastly, Nude Espresso are offering a free workshop on opening a cafe. More information here: http://www.nudeespresso.com/blog/

The Brown Bear Opening in Angel
 E2 Scawfell Street (6 Scawfell Street)
E2 Random Coffee Hatch (Colombia Road)

Keira Knightley to Open a London Coffee Shop?

There's been rumours floating about that Keira Knightley is looking to open a fashion store somewhere in Islington that will include a coffee shop.

Those in the coffee world hinted that she knows her coffee some having spotted her at Hackney's Hurwundeki and Pitch 42 down in Whitecross.

Fingers crossed! Although not the first time a celebrity has entered the world of food and drink. At one stage, Madonna owned a share of the Punch Bowl pub down in Mayfair.

First look: Commune at Goodhood and SCR's Cafe

I had a first look at the freshly opened Commune Cafe at the Goodhood Store situated on Shoreditch's Curtain Road. One of the few clothing/lifestyle shops London that have also opened a coffee shop on the premise. 

For some reason, I expected something similar to the Bench at Present; a stall that largely provides coffee to go. Instead, situated in the basement, the Commune is spacious with a large counter and 5-6 tables. Serving Squaremile and a good selection of food, it goes head to head with the large number of coffee shops in the area and looks to be a great little spot to escape to.

Two doors down was SCP which also has a little cafe within it's shop focused on furniture and interior design. Set up on the ground floor, they serve Allpress and cakes sourced from Fika on Brick Lane. 
Large counter at the Commune.

Branded cups
The counter at SCP
EC2 Commune at Goodhood Cafe (151 Curtain Road)
 EC2 Cafe at SCP (135-139 Curtain Rd)

Coffee Along the Southbank

There are a few good coffee stalls/pop-ups that are worth checking out along the Southbank. First, there's Look Mum No Hands offering Squaremile alongside a fairly wide selection of alcoholic beverages. Second, the Southbank Centre market hosts Sandows cold brew and Noble Espresso serving Notes for Kerb (although soon to be finished for 2014). Bean About Town takes its usual spot between Friday to Sundays. Lastly, Beany Green have one of their seemingly endless number of pop-ups- offering Roasting Party and Goodbeans cold brew. 
Look Mum No Hands Pop-Up
Sandows Kerb Stand 
Sandows Donuts
Beany Green Southbank
Roasting Party and Goodbeans